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Over 420,000 people use Poparide to share rides between cities in Canada.
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Daily commuters

If you drive 70 km to work, ask 12c/km and fill two seats, each way, every day, you could make $672 a month.
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Weekend, holidays & road trips

Let’s say you’re driving 400 km this weekend and you fill two seats in your car, you’d make $200 on your trip.
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Safety first.

All members are verified, link a credit card or bank account and we monitor the activity closely.
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We receive a 4.7 star rating on average

"An amazing app for both riders as well as drivers. It will help to save ur pocket and give more new friends."
Jomon in February 2020
"Great app! So stoked to be able to get so many cars off the road and reduce my carbon footprint - no more single occupant commutes! #climatechange"
Max in January 2020
"Poparide helps cover costs, provides company and some even help with driving. Love it. I like the part where no money changed hands."
Bev in November 2019
"This app is amazing, simple to use & serves its purpose well! Also, I would like to inform the people who haven't yet used it, rides on Poparide are cheaper than carpooling inter cities with those stranger students on whatsapp groups."
Srishti in November 2019
"Great application. Constantly meeting great people along the way and it’s good way to make a little extra and cover my expense to drive. Used it once as a passenger because my car was in the shop and I’m mostly a driver now."
Ivor in September 2019
"Amazing website/app - I use it quite regularly mostly between the Sea to Sky corridor, but I would give it a try anywhere in the world! "
Sandra in August 2017
"This is the most amazing way to share your car, be environmentally friendly, help others with transportation and recoup some of your gas costs. I highly recommend joining and sharing your trip with others going the same way!"
Crystal in April 2017
"Fantastic user experience and fills a huge need in today's economy! Super big fan 👌"
Jennifer in August 2017
"Initially I was a passenger, and then later a driver with Poparide. It's a great way to meet people, share the costs, and have good conversations while getting from A to B."
Scott in January 2017
"Awesome app and group of people! A no flake rideshare solution, I'm a fan!"
Melanie in December 2016
"Love it!!! Met some amazing people, swapped stories, had great adventures and looking forward to more 😀"
Jessica in November 2016
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