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Our community has saved
26,000 metric tons
of carbon dioxide since 2015

That's the equivalent of...
Greenhouse gases from 6,188 passenger vehicles driven for one year
CO2 emissions from 5,131 homes' electricity use for one year
Carbon sequestered by 30,356 acres of forest in one year
Data last updated April 22, 2024
Equivalents calculated using EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Reducing our impact

When we go about our daily lives, our actions cause the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which contribute to climate change.
But there are choices we can make to lessen our impact on the environment, including the way we travel.
When you carpool on Poparide, you increase the number of people per car which reduces the carbon footprint of each person sharing the ride. As thousands of people share rides on Poparide, we greatly reduce our collective impact on the environment.
Reducing your carbon footprint by carpooling goes a long way, and that’s why we’re highlighting our contribution to reaching emission targets set by the international community.
Together, we’re getting closer to achieving our vision of a world where we all share resources to better preserve our planet. Thanks for making a difference.

Our methodology

We calculate carbon savings generated by Poparide members using the following model:
  • T is the time period in which we calculate the carbon offset. It could be a year, a month, or a single trip.
  • Pass.km is the number of passenger kilometres Poparide facilitated during T. For example, if a driver fills 2 of their seats for a 100km trip, Pass.km is 200.
  • Occupancy is the average passenger vehicle occupancy in Canada: 1.62 people (source)
  • CO2 Emission is the average CO2 emission for a vehicle in Canada per kilometer: 251g (source)

Additional resources

Interested in learning more about carbon offsets and your impact on the environment? Here are some useful resources you can look into:
Want to recommend more resources for this page? Send us a DM on Instagram @Poparide.