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Our story


We connect communities and drive positive change
Poparide is dedicated to creating sustainable travel, connecting people, optimizing costs and reducing our environmental impact

We adhere to a triple bottom line where people, planet and profit are balanced to foster sustainable business practices

Environmental Impact

Increasing occupancy rates by filling empty seats in cars.

Forging partnerships with mobility organizations to incentivize shared transportation.

Reducing carbon emissions by keeping cars off the road.

Social Impact

Building a community based on the idea of sharing.

Educating people on the need for shared mobility.

Creating friendships by connecting people through ridesharing.

Providing affordable travel for all.

Economic Impact

Reducing car ownership costs.

Offering a competitive means of transport for travellers.

Building economic value by connecting towns & cities.

Helping smaller communities travel where public transport is unavailable.

We partner with like-minded organizations

Our partners inspire our social innovation and guide our business towards sustainable goals

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