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Brand Guidelines

This guide will help you make use of the Poparide brand effectively and consistently.
Name & logo

Name and logo


In writing, Poparide is always spelled with a capital 'P' followed by lowercase letters: Poparide.
Please don't spell Poparide as Pop-a-ride, PopARide, Pop a ride or Pooparide (yes, we've seen this!).


Poparide logo
Our logo spells out the word "Poparide" in uppercase and can be used in orange with a white background or in white on a dark background.
Make sure to leave at least half our logo's height as white space around it.
Also, please only colour the Poparide logo orange or white and if you use the white version, put it against a dark background so it's easy to see.
Download the Poparide logo

App icon

Poparide icon
Our app icon is the letter "O" of our logo, which represents the driving wheel of a car.
It is only to be used in the context of promoting our app, and should always be accompanied with the word "Poparide" in the copy.
Download the Poparide app icon


Key messages

Here are the key messages you can use to describe Poparide.
Vision statement
Poparide's vision is to live in a world where we all share resources to better preserve our planet.
Mission statement
Poparide's mission is to fill empty seats in cars and make travel more social, affordable and sustainable for everyone.
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Poparide photos
You can make use of Poparide's official photos when communicating about the Company.
Please make sure to mention Poparide when posting any copyrighted images online.
Download photos in our photo gallery