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The Guide to Shared Mobility in Vancouver 2018

In Vancouver, there are lots of options to get around the city if you don’t have a car, but which is relevant to you?
Our guide will help you decide…

Poparide Guide to Shared Mobility in Vancouver 2018

According to this article published by the CBC, Vancouver is the car-sharing capital of North America with 3,000 shared vehicles available amongst four different companies. This is more shared vehicles than anywhere else in North America!

At Poparide, we often get asked by our members what the difference is between all these services. Keeping track of the different pricing and companies can be tricky, so we thought putting all the information in one place would be useful.

So, here is a list of all the carsharing, ridesharing and bikesharing companies in Vancouver that are featured in our infographic, and some special deals they’re giving you to sign up…

Evo Car share

Pay by the minute, drop-off in the home-zone, locally-run

Photo credit: Carla Pedersen

You might have noticed those black cars with roof racks driving around town… they’re Evo! It’s a one-way carshare, which means you can pick up and drop off a car anywhere within a defined area in Vancouver called the “home zone”.

Find the closest car to you on a map using the Evo app, book it, drive it, drop it off, and you’ll get charged by the minute. It’s super simple, extremely convenient and Evo offers ski and bike racks to satisfy your outdoor needs.

Rates are 41c/min and you get 10% off if you are a BCAA member

Poparide special offer: free membership & 45 minutes free driving


Pay by the minute, drop-off in the home-zone, international

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz Canada

car2go started by offering a fleet of two-seater Smart cars to rent by the minute… it was an immediate success, and car2go now boasts over 100,000 members in Vancouver and offers 1,300 vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz GLA & CLA vehicles (they’re fancy).

Once you are signed up, simply download the car2go app, book the nearest car and off you go.

Rates are 32 cents to 45 cents per minute.

Sign up here to receive free car2go registration and $10 of free credit


Pay by the hour, pick-up and drop-off in the same spot, locally-run

Photo credit: Modo

Modo is Vancouver’s first carshare started in 1997 with just two cars and 16 members. It now boasts over 600 vehicles and 20,000 members in between Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Kelowna.

Modo is different in several ways. First, it’s a cooperative and has a mantra of putting people before profit, ensuring prices are the lowest in Vancouver. Second, it’s a two-way carshare, so you need to return the vehicle where you picked it up. And third, to sign up you are asked to put down a $500 deposit, which is fully refundable if you decide to leave Modo. This deposit helps Modo fund the purchase of new vehicles.

Speaking of vehicles, Modo boasts the most diverse fleet in Vancouver: from pickup trucks to minivans and luxury sedans, you have plenty of choice. In the Winter, some vehicles are equipped with snow tires so you’re safe to going up to the mountains.

$5-$10 per hour during the day, $15-$27 between 7pm and 9am

Special offer: get $50 free drive time when creating a new account


Pay by the hour, drop-off where you picked up, international

Photo credit Vancouver is Awesome

Zipcar is an American carsharing company owned by the Avis Budget Group. It was started in 2000 in Boston, Massachussetts and now has over one million members across nine countries. It is one of the bigger carsharing companies in the world and operates under a similar model to Modo.

In Vancouver, Zipcar has about 200 vehicles which are usually very new and include luxury sedans like Audis and BMWs or larger pick-up trucks like Toyota Tacomas.

Prices start at $8-$10 per hour

Sign up for Zipcar


Fill up your empty seats or get a ride with someone else!

A Poparide between Vancouver and Whistler

Poparide is city-to-city ridesharing platform that boasts over 90,000 members and provides a way for drivers to fill empty seats in their cars with people heading the same direction. Our vision is to make travel for social, affordable and sustainable for everyone.

If you’re driving somewhere and have empty seats in your car, you can post your trip on Poparide and make money from passengers to cover your costs. If you’re looking to go somewhere, you can book a ride online with a driver and chip in to their costs.

Poparide is a very popular way to get between Vancouver and Squamish ($8 per seat), Vancouver and Whistler ($15 per seat), Vancouver and Kelowna ($40 per seat) and hundreds of other destinations in Canada.

The best part is, if you book a carshare vehicle like a Modo or an Evo, you can post your empty seats on Poparide and reduce your costs even more.

Win win!

Mobi bikes

Public bike share in Vancouver

Photo credit: Mobi by Shaw Go

Mobi by Shaw Go is Vancouver’s bike sharing program. Within a few minutes, you can get a bike from any of the 150 bike stations around the city.

Bike sharing programs have been very popular internationally and we’re very pleased to have Mobi since 2016 in Vancouver.

Prices start at $9.75 for 24 hours

Check out Mobi’s corporate deals

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Got a question, feedback, or suggestion on Vancouver’s shared mobility options? We’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below.