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Modo for Poparide Members

Why Modo?

Since 1997, Modo has transformed communities by connecting people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive, and sustainable. Members of the carshare co-operative benefit from the most diverse fleet of vehicles across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan, including 700 cars, SUVs, trucks, EVs, cargo vans, and more. No more maintenance fees or insurance costs – each booking covers everything, including gas! Book ahead or on the fly and choose the convenient “Open Return” option for more flexibility on your road trips.

Poparide in a Modo

When you’re booking a Modo, you can help the Poparide community get around by offering your empty seats on the platform.

Sharing a ride is a more sustainable choice while covering your booking costs at the same time. For example, if you’re planning to go to Whistler with a Modo, your booking cost will be around $80. If you post 2 seats on Poparide and ask for $15 each way, you can offset up to $60 of your Modo costs.

You can post a ride for free on Poparide once you have a Modo rental.

Become a Modo member today

Choose a membership that fits your lifestyle and get $50 free drive time to get started using the code POPARIDE.