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About Modo

Modo is Metro Vancouver’s only local carshare, since 1997. Modo members share access to hundreds of cars, trucks and vans across Metro Vancouver, including fully electric and hybrid vehicles. Book by the hour or the day, as your “second car” or as an alternative to transit, and experience the convenience of Modo. Membership includes gas, parking, local bridge tolls and insurance, plus great perks!

How to use Modo with Poparide

You can rent a Modo for the day and post your extra seats on Poparide to help cover your rental costs. This is a great carshare + rideshare combo to share not just your car, but your ride.

For example, if you rent a Modo for the day to get to Whistler, the rental will cost you about $80. If you post 2 seats on Poparide and ask for $15 each way, you can offset up to $60 of your Modo costs.

You can post a ride for free on Poparide once you have a Modo rental.

Poparide member perk

Poparide members get $50 free drive time with Modo when creating a new account with Modo.

To redeem, use the promo code POPARIDE when joining Modo.