E-book: Carpooling is for everyone

Towards a more affordable, social, and sustainable intercity transportation network for all

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Today, Poparide is Canada’s largest carpooling community and it is filling an urgent need for Canadians across the country: to get around affordably and stay connected to urban centres, services, and loved ones.

As we celebrate reaching one million members, we wanted to give Canada’s long-distance travellers and commuters a voice and showcase what tremendous impacts carpooling has on our communities.

Our e-book shares proprietary insights from member surveys, member data, and market research. We hope to drive the conversation toward the adoption of inclusive and sustainable shared mobility solutions that make a difference in the here and now, and for the generations to come.

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Key findings from our e-book

Carpooling is often the only alternative to a private, single-occupancy vehicle
Carpooling is helping Canadians get where they need to go when no other transportation option is the only reliable alternative. This makes sure more Canadians can go to work, attend school, see family members, and get the healthcare they need.

Carpooling saves significant transportation costs
Transportation is the third most expensive spending category for Canadian households. Carpooling helps drivers subsidize their car usage and allows passengers to find low-cost ways to get around, saving Poparide members $10 million in 2023.

Carpooling is taking immediate climate action
Carpooling lowers emissions from the biggest source of climate pollution in the country. By increasing car occupancy and offering alternatives to single-use private vehicles, carpooling shrinks intercity transportation emissions significantly by 40-70%. To hit climate targets, we need to cut emissions in the transportation sector, and carpooling is an immediate solution.

Carpooling can alleviate the loneliness epidemic
Canadians are lonely and are hungry for more social connections. Poparide members enjoy an average of two social connections each per trip, resulting in over 660,000 social connections in 2023. Those connections are cited by both drivers and passengers as a critical part of why they carpool.

Carpooling needs your help
Carpooling is the most social, affordable, and sustainable option for intercity travel on most of Canada’s routes, and it can have an even bigger impact with government support. With the help of innovative policies and awareness campaigns, carpooling can help even more Canadians cut their emissions, save money, connect with others, and get where they need to go.

Are you interested in helping accelerate the growth of carpooling in Canada? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

Download e-book