Only $35 from Kingston to Toronto
The most affordable way to get from Kingston to the Toronto!

What’s the cheapest way to get from Kingston to Toronto?

At an average price of $35 per seat, the cheapest way to get from Kingston to Toronto is to use Poparide.

In this article, we’ll list the different alternatives to get from Kingston to Toronto from cheapest to most expensive.


$30 – $40 per seat (2h45 travel time on average)

Poparide members enjoying their trip with Flo and Stephen
Poparide members

Kingston has a huge student population between Queen’s University and St Lawrence College who are always looking to travel to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. This is why Poparide (full disclaimer: that’s us!) is so popular during the school term and on weekends. 

Poparide is a carpooling platform with over 1 million members in Canada. Drivers post their empty seats on the platform and passengers pay for their fair share of the trip. Everybody wins!

Anyone driving from Kingston to Toronto can easily cover their gas costs by collecting gas money from passengers going the same way. Fewer cars on the road also mean less traffic and a smaller environmental footprint.

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$55 – $80 per seat (2h35 fastest travel time)

Megabus motorcoach toronto to Kingston
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Megabus is a low-cost express bus service that runs daily between different cities in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. On the Kingston to Toronto corridor, you can find 5 to 6 daily Megabus trips on average, each way.

Please note that Megabus tickets are non-refundable but “they can be traded in for another journey up to 3 hours before your original scheduled departure” according to Megabus’ FAQ. There will be additional fees if you decide to change your booking.

Also, you will need to add a $1 to $5 charge for a reserved seat and a $2 booking fee per transaction.

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Via Rail

$84 – $252 per seat (2h20 travel time)

Via Rail station in Kingston
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Via Rail serves more than 400 communities across Canada with its train service.

There are up to 9 return trips daily between Kingston and Toronto. The type of ticket (Escape, Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus) will determine the price and refund policy for your ticket, so make sure you check all the fine print before buying your ticket! 

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$115 per seat on average (1 hour flight time)

Air Canada airplane in Toronto
Photo from Daily Hive

With Air Canada, you can get from Kingston (YGK) to Toronto (YYZ) in no time.

Flying will cost you on average $115 per seat, each way, if you book in advance.

If you’re in a hurry though, a last-minute flight could cost you more than $450!

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$307 – $409 per fare (2h45 travel time)

Uber price estimator from Kingston to Toronto

Uber is the most expensive option to get from Kingston to Toronto at a whopping $307 minimum fare. A price surge could also greatly increase the price, so beware!

Uber is optimized for short distance travels and it can be very costly to use it on distances longer than 50km. It’s also likely that Uber drivers will decline your ride request, as it’s difficult for them to make money coming back to Kingston after they’ve dropped you off in Toronto.

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FAQ from Kingston to Toronto

How far from Toronto is Kingston?

The distance from Kingston to Toronto is about 260 km on Highway 401, which takes 2h30 to 3h30 to drive, depending on traffic. Post your trip on Poparide and make $35 per seat to offset your driving costs.

How much does it cost to drive from Kingston to Toronto?

To drive the 260 km between Kingston and Toronto at an average price of $1.20/L and 12L/100km, it will cost you about $38 and you can make up to $35 per passenger on Poparide by filling your empty seats.

Should I use Kijiji or Poparide to rideshare?

Kijiji has no cancellation policies, so a passenger or a driver can bail on you at any time without consequences. On Poparide, passengers book and pay online in advance (much like on Airbnb) so drivers still get paid if there is a last-minute cancellation.