Only $30 from Edmonton to Calgary
The most affordable way to get from Edmonton to Calgary!

Cheapest way to get from Edmonton to Calgary

At an average price of $40 per seat, Poparide is the cheapest way to get from Edmonton to Calgary.

This article lists the different ways to get from Edmonton to Calgary, which is a distance of about 300 km, from cheapest to most expensive.


$40 per seat (3 hours travel time)

Poparide members enjoying a trip with driver Simon
Poparide members

When you share a ride, it makes travelling more affordable for everyone. On Poparide, drivers offer empty seats for a fraction of what it actually costs to drive from Edmonton to Calgary since they are just looking to cover their costs.

Poparide (full disclaimer: that’s us!) is a ridesharing platform with over 1 million members in Canada for drivers to post their empty seats to carpool from Edmonton to Calgary and for passengers to chip in money towards the trip.

By filling empty seats in cars, you also help our environmental footprint by decreasing the number of vehicles already driving in the same direction.

You can find a trip to carpool from Edmonton to Calgary for around $40 per seat or if you’re driving, you can make $40 per passenger to help cover your gas. Got three seats available? That’s $120 in your pocket for filling those seats on Poparide!

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$53 – $120 per seat (3h30 – 4 hours travel time)

Ebus Abbotsford
Photo from Ebus

Ebus, a Calgary-based bus company, runs its service daily from Edmonton to Calgary and back. The bus journey typically takes 4 hours, depending on traffic. Passengers are allowed three pieces of luggage in total, including carry-on. Seats are first come, first serve.

Ebus offers a comfortable, easy service with free on-board WiFi. We’ve partnered with Ebus so you can book some of their trips on Poparide in minutes. Ebus has 2 daily trips, and a few of those are available for cheaper on Poparide.

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Red Arrow Motorcoach

$75 – $80 per seat (3h30 – 4 hours travel time)

Sideview of a Red Arrow black motorcoach
Picture from PWT

Red Arrow Motorcoach is a bus company that services 238 routes and connects 19 cities in Canada. It’s more expensive than Ebus, but they offer a more luxurious travel experience with snacks, water, and movies.

Ebus and Red Arrow are owned by the Pacific Western Transportation, so it’s normal if you spot the same tagline “Safely Home” on their buses! Red Arrow is more of a luxury motorcoach company compared to its sister company Ebus.

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$145 – $210 per seat on average (1 hour flight time)

Edmonton International Airport Control Tower
Photo by Ken Eckert

Don’t like the idea of waiting three hours to get to your destination? It’s OK to be in a hurry, sometimes!

Flying is a cool option (and you get to see how flat the prairies really are), but it’ll cost you on average more than $145 per seat, each way, if you book in advance.

If you really can’t wait to see how flat the prairies are from the sky, a last-minute flight could cost you more than $350 for just one hour of flying (you could almost get to Hawaii during low seasons for that price)!

WestJet and Air Canada are the two main airlines serving YYC (Calgary) airport and YEG (Edmonton) airport and their prices are usually about the same.

Flying from Edmonton International Airport to Calgary International Airport takes just under one hour

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$284 – $630 per fare (3 hours travel time)

Uber price estimator showing prices from Edmonton to Calgary with UberX, UberXL, etc.

Taking an Uber will cost you… a lot.

A price surge could also greatly increase the fare so beware! Why does Uber cost so much compared to Poparide? Because Uber is not real ridesharing, it is a ride hailing taxi service (more info here).

Considering the trip is three hours long, it’s possible that many drivers will not pick you up for such a long distance because they’ll have to waste three hours getting back to Edmonton after they’ve dropped you off in Calgary.

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What is the distance from Calgary to Edmonton?

The distance between Calgary and Edmonton is about 300 kilometres via AB-2 S. You can post your trip on Poparide and make $40 per seat to offset your driving costs.

How long is the drive from Edmonton to Calgary?

Driving from Edmonton to Calgary takes approximately 3 hours. Post your trip on Poparide and make $40 per passenger that is travelling the same way as you.

Is Banff close to Calgary or Edmonton?

Banff is closer to Calgary than Edmonton. You can get from Calgary to Banff for $20 per seat with Poparide, or from Calgary to Edmonton for $40 per seat.

How much does it cost to drive from Edmonton to Calgary?

To drive the 300 km between Calgary and Edmonton at an average price of $1.20/L and 12L/100km, it will cost you about $43 and you can make up to $40 per passenger on Poparide by filling your empty seats.

Can I rideshare from Calgary to Edmonton?

Yes! Passengers pay on average $40 per seat to rideshare with Poparide and drivers can make $120 for filling three empty seats in their vehicle.

Cover Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash