Popaletter – December 2023

We’ve spent the last few months examining intercity transportation in Canada to understand how to better help you and the other members of our carpooling community.

We’ve taken our learnings to heart and assembled an action plan, which we’ll be rolling out in the coming months. Part of that plan involves participation from you: We want you to help us create a more accessible and affordable transportation network for everyone.

Share your opinions on transportation in Canada

Got an opinion on carpooling? We’re collecting candid feedback from our community to get a pulse check on how you feel about Poparide and identify areas where we can improve.

Fill out our survey to tell us how you get from place to place and how it makes you feel. Your answers will help us direct our product roadmap, serve your needs, and publish a report on gaps in transportation coverage.

As a thank you, you’ll have a chance to win a $250 Patagonia voucher or one of 5x $20 Poparide promo codes.

Check your driver’s license renewal date!

All drivers on Poparide will soon be required to verify their identity in their Poparide account in order to post trips. If you are a driver, you will need to submit your driver’s license which we validate through a multi-layer approach. This will bolster the safety and reliability of our community, and bring your status as a verified member to a new level.

Driver’s license verification is just one of many upcoming changes we’re implementing to make carpooling with Poparide more dependable. Stay tuned to learn more!

A new set of guidelines for more reliable service

We’ve updated our community agreement to capture our values and ensure that our carpooling community is built on respect and kindness. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help us keep carpooling safe!

As a community, we agree and adhere to:

  • Safety First
  • Respectful Shared Spaces
  • Shared Transportation Costs
  • Cash-Free Payments
  • Prompt and Clear Communication
  • Punctuality and Flexibility

With these new guidelines, drivers and passengers can work together to make every Poparide an experience to cherish.

Learn how to get a five-star rating on Poparide

Your driver rating shows potential passengers that you’re safe, reliable, and courteous. The higher your rating, the more likely you are to fill the seats in your car for carpooling trips!

In a recent blog post, experienced Poparide driver Phil shared what he’s learned in six years of driving for Poparide and gave his advice on how to get a five-star rating.

Your impact by the numbers

When you carpool, you mitigate your environmental impact, save money, make friends, and help your community.

Let’s dive into the numbers to see how big of an impact you and the rest of the Poparide community had this summer.

  • Seats filled: 145,000
  • CO2 emissions offset: 5,100 metric tonnes
  • Kilometer driven driven: 16 million
  • Costs recovered by drivers: $4.7 million

Thanks for being a part of our community!

Happy travels,
The Poparide team

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