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Poparide Community Agreement

Our Community Agreement ensures all interactions on Poparide are done with respect and kindness, and allow us all to enjoy connecting with fellow travelers and commuters.
When using Poparide, we ask you to agree and adhere to the following guiding principles to ensure a safe and reliable experience for all:

Safety First

We create a safe and secure space for all interactions between members on our app and on the road.

Respectful Shared Spaces

We acknowledge each other's needs and boundaries, and strive for positive interactions, mutual respect, and caring support.

Shared Transportation Costs

We share rides and costs to make travel more affordable for everyone.

Cash-Free Payments

We keep payments simple by using Poparide’s secure booking system.

Prompt and Clear Communication

We communicate with each other quickly, and we provide as much information as possible to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Punctuality and Flexibility

We respect each other's time by being punctual for pick-ups, while also making reasonable adjustments when life gets in the way.