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Post a trip

Cover your driving costs by filling your seats when you’re driving from A to B. More info
Your origin, destination, and stops you're willing to make along the way.
You can enter a precise drop-off e.g. Space Needle
Add a stop to get more bookings
Ride schedule
Enter a precise date and time with am (morning) or pm (afternoon).
One-time trip
Recurring trip
Select dates
Leaving at
Returning at
(same day)
Add return trip
Trip preferences
This informs passengers of how much space you have for their luggage and extras before they book.
No luggage
Pledge to a maximum of 2 people in the back for better reviews
Max 2 people
3 people
Winter tires
Skis & snowboards
Empty seats
As a new driver, you can offer 3 seats and it increases to 7 once you've driven 10 people.
Also, we recommend putting a maximum of 2 people per row to ensure everyone's comfort.
Enter a fair price per seat to cover your gas and other expenses. Note that all prices are CAD
Please scroll up to enter an origin and destination so we can recommend a fair price for your trip.
Booking preference
Select your preference: review each booking request manually or accept all bookings instantly.
Request to book
You approve or decline passengers manually
You control who gets in your car
Instant book
Unavailable for you
Drive at least 5 passengers to enable Instant book
Trip description
Add any details relevant to your trip for passengers before they book.
Rules when posting a trip
Be reliable
Only post a trip if you’re sure you’re driving and show up on time.
No cash
All passengers pay online and you receive a payout after the trip.
Drive safely
Stick to the speed limit and do not use your phone while driving.