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Help fill the Greyhound gap

Think Outside the Bus

Let’s fill the Greyhound gap by filling empty
seats in cars
already on the road

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The numbers

Passengers stranded by Greyhound leaving Western Canada
The amount Greyhound was losing every day on running buses in Western Canada
2.8 / 5
The average Google rating for Greyhound in Canada
The average number of people per vehicle on the road in Canada
The yearly cost to own and maintain a vehicle in Canada
Estimated car trips done every year between cities in Canada

The problem

It's very difficult to run a bus service and turn a profit
There are thousands of empty seats in cars on the road

Our solution

To fill empty seats in cars already on the road and provide a new type of transportation created by the people, for the people…
…making travel more affordable, social
and sustainable for everyone in Canada
No need to use taxes to subsidize
buses or new infrastructure
Organized carpooling
is safe and legal in Canada
Carpooling reduces carbon emissions
and is good for our planet.
The number of people already signed up to Poparide in Canada.
For passengers
For drivers
For passengers
Get a ride with someone in their car, it’s affordable and convenient
Free signup
Affordable rides
Safe, reliable drivers
Find a ride
For drivers
Make money by filling your empty seats when you’re driving from A to B
Free signup
Free online payouts
Safe, reliable passengers
Post a trip
Did you know?
Over 280,000 people have joined Poparide in Canada
and shared 20,000,000 km safely together since 2015
Poparide is used by over 280,000 people in Canada
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