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Smarter pricing with more flexibility

We’ve made improvements to our pricing and given drivers more control over prices to ensure passengers are booking seats at the right price.

We’ve also updated our terminology from “vias” to “stops” to make this feature clearer. When you add a stop on your trip, it means you’re willing to stop along the way to pick up and drop off passengers at that stop.

Smarter pricing for segments of your trip

Rideshare from Toronto to Ottawa

For example, when you post a trip from Toronto to Ottawa with a stop in Kingston, the price for a seat from Toronto to Kingston will be set to $25, the average price for that route.

It used to be that when you posted a trip with various “stops” (previously called “vias”, see note above), the prices of the segments of that trip were prorated based the distance.

With this new release, we’ve improved our pricing such that segments of your trip are first priced according to the average price of the route, and if there isn’t enough data on that route, we apply our average platform price per km as a fallback.

You’ll also notice from the screenshot above that you can now edit the price of each segment of your trip individually.

Finally, we’ve relaxed our rules so you can now edit your price even after you’ve received bookings on a trip.

Please note this improvement has been rolled out on all platforms: Web, iOS and Android.

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