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What our members say
"Ondrej was awesome super conscious driver and very easy to communicate he gave me a ride right at the door. Thanks Ondrej! :)"
Hilda in June 2016
"Hannah was great to travel with, very fun and nice to talk with! She was on time and at the right place, everything worked out perfectly. Great experience!"
Valentin in June 2016
"We're so glad we hitched to Whistler. Joel was on time, the car was roomy and he gave us some good tips on restaurants and Whistler in general. It was an excellent ride."
Laura in February 2016
"George is a great guy! Very intelligent conversationalist and funny all round. I definitely learned a lot of interesting facts in the 4 hours we drove together. Fantastic navigator too so if you need one of those he's a wise choice."
Bayne in June 2016
"Mar was a pleasure to drive. She was great to talk to and she is a very genuine and friendly person. The perfect passenger."
Scott in February 2016
"Amazing driver! Couldn't ask for any one else better than Clara for this getaway , she was generous and kind throughout it all. Merci beaucoup!"
Quite in February 2016
"Great experience. Way more comfortable than taking the Greyhound. On time, clean car, would definitely grab a ride with Zach again. Thanks!"
Jonathan in February 2016
"Larry is hilarious story teller and very good driver. What more to wish for? Thanks and hope to have pleasure to travel with you again!"
Kami in June 2016
"Cheers Dylan, great chatting with you! Come to NZ one day and we'll go skydiving aha!"
Holly in May 2016
"Super awesome drive, 11 hrs flew by. Super cool gal and good driver."
Kate in February 2016
"Stephanie and her husband were great! They were on time, very friendly, and drove safely. They even shared some chips with me :) I would definitely drive with them again."
Elisabeth in February 2016
"Ivanka was a very pleasant passenger. She brought me a coffee and this huge white chocolate bunny (it was Easter Monday) which she shared with myself and the other passenger. I would certainly be happy to have her as a passenger again in the future."
Bob in March 2016
"Lucie is awesome. She picked me up from my hotel and replied very quickly to my messages. I would definitely want to ride with her again."
Iggy in May 2016
"Brooke was awesome and so was her vehicle! I was bringing a whole bunch of stuff down to the city and Brooke was super accommodating, flexible and reliable. Great trip with a great gal. Have an awesome summer!"
Dorry in April 2016
"Dorry was such a treat! Sad to see this gem leave my car let alone Canada! Safe journey home!"
Brooke in April 2016
"Kiah was super friendly and offered great conversation on what otherwise would have been a very boring drive. A++ would drive again!"
Dave in April 2016
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