Member Champion (Support Team)

Starting at 20-25 hours/week, contractor position.
We are currently only accepting applications from residents of Mexico.

Poparide is a socially-minded Canadian company designed to fill a need: affordable city-to-city travel for everyone. We noticed the possibility for a mutually beneficial connection: many people have limited transportation options to travel between cities and others have vehicles that are expensive to run and maintain (around $9,000 a year per vehicle in Canada). These vehicles are driven with empty seats.

Our mission at Poparide is to fill empty seats in cars and help people travel together. We do this by connecting drivers with people heading the same way. By sharing trips, we create a new type of travel that is more social, affordable and sustainable. Our vision is to live in a world where we share resources to better preserve our planet.  

At Poparide, we consider our community and our members’ experience to be essential to our success. Our membership is growing quickly across Canada and our priority is to create the safest and most seamless experience for our passengers and drivers. 

Our Support Team exists to help ensure successful trips for our members from both a human and technical standpoint. 

As a 100% remote Member Champion at Poparide, you require a broad skill set to be successful. You need to not only be able to provide a human and consultative support experience through empathy, creativity and technical problem-solving, but you will also need to have thorough product knowledge and be able to communicate across teams within Poparide to assist in process and product improvements.

We are looking for: 

  • The knowledge that creating a great customer experience is paramount to the success of our community and company
  • Exemplary written English skills, French skills are a bonus
  • Empathy and patience with strengths in conflict resolution and mediation
  • Fairness, diplomacy and tact – not afraid to make decisions in a grey area
  • Technical aptitude: you may not be a coding genius, but you’re not afraid of technology and love to learn. We use a lot of different software on a daily basis.
  • A love for problem solving and a deep understanding of how to troubleshoot issues
  • Ability to identify, reproduce and document bugs accurately and succinctly
  • Cross-functional communication skills with clear identification of problems and the ability to come up with solutions
  • Ability to work well in ambiguity and adaptability with changing priorities
  • Desire to contribute to the learning and success of your team through mentorship, collaboration and building documentation
  • Someone who is not afraid to fail and simultaneously can own up to mistakes, learn from them and move on
  • Knowledge that when something is over your head you are not afraid to ask for help

You also:

  • Are self-motivated and proactive – you are the owner of your domain, if you see a problem offer up some solutions and help enact change
  • Can handle change with grace
  • Thrive on creating improvements and building efficiency around you
  • Don’t take things personally when it comes to testy behaviour from members – like water off a duck’s back
  • Have a system for dealing with stress in your personal and professional life

What you will do:

  • Resolve written member enquiries using support software in an accurate, considerate and timely way
  • Triage incoming enquiries and spot trends in member issues to flag for the wider team
  • Empathize with every aspect of the member experience, you are their champion and their voice
  • Learn our product and its functionalities inside and out
  • Initiate outreach to members whose behaviour has been flagged as possibly breaching out Terms of Service
  • Help build internal documentation as a resource for future colleagues
  • Consider the policies that exist and how we can improve them from a member’s perspective
  • Help train future Member Champions
  • Care deeply about supporting our members and understand the crucial role it plays in making this a great company

Wage and Perks: 

  • 125 MXN/ hour based upon location and experience level
  • Flexible working hours – while we need consistency, we know that you have a life and like to help by providing a couple hours of flexibility with regards to start/end time each day.
  • 5 day work week with 2 rest days (we need Saturday Sunday Champions)
  • 20 unpaid days off per year
  • Statutory holidays paid 2x hourly rate
  • 1 paid personal day per month
  • 20,000 MXN equipment grant
  • 500 MXN monthly internet top-up
  • 800 MXN monthly for professional development (requires manager approval)

Working at Poparide

Come be a part of a company where you can do meaningful work and have a voice. You will have direct lines of access and influence across the company. We have a positive, and supportive culture where we assume best intentions—we look for people who are curious, inventive, and work to be a little better every single day. In our work together we aim to be smart, humble, hardworking and, above all, collaborative. We go the extra mile to help our colleagues and are honest, transparent and kind with the people around us. We also take care of the environment around us and like to have a fun work environment! We understand the idea that people have lives outside of work, so we love to increase productivity during work hours so that we can head out of the office with a free mind. 

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