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We care deeply about
having a positive impact
on people and the planet.

Flo Devellennes
We’re committed to making travel more sustainable for everyone.
By connecting people, we’re creating more accessible and affordable travel solutions to help reduce our collective environmental impact.
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Our community is dedicated to preserving the environment through shared travel.
We’re increasing vehicle occupancy rates by filling empty seats in cars.
By keeping cars off the road, our community is helping to reduce carbon emissions.
We’re forging partnerships with mobility organizations to combine shared travel options.
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Social responsibility

Our team is working hard to make a difference within communities.
We’re building a community based on the idea of sharing to provide accessible travel for all.
We know that social change starts with awareness; that’s why we’re educating people on the need for shared mobility.
Through carpooling, we’re helping to create long lasting connections that lead to new social and professional opportunities for our members.

Economic impact

We’re proud of the economic impact we’re having on communities across the country.
We’re working hard to reduce the cost of travelling for both drivers and passengers.
By connecting towns and cities, our community helps stimulate local economies and build economic value.
Where public transit is not available, we’re providing smaller and remote communities with a valuable mode of travel.
We partner with like-minded organizations

Our partners inspire us and guide us towards sustainable goals

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